Where can I find the Browser extension for 1password 6 for Safari?

Yesterday 1password was working as usual, today the extension is gone from Safari and I seem to be taken hostage by 1Password 7 with a forced upgrade of who knows how much (impossible to find on the web site, al you talk about is the membership, of course).
Can I get the v6 browser extension back please?

1Password Version: 6.8.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.14.6
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Did you upgrade to 1PW7? Because if not, then try to reinstall 1PW6 again—it should come with Safari support built-in.
    Also, the membership is the pretty transparent part of pricing—different question if you like subscriptions or not.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    Welcome to the forum, @johank! I'm sorry for the trouble. You're not being "held hostage," but as this forum announcement explains Apple has retired the Safari Extensions Gallery ahead of the imminent release of macOS 10.15 ("Catalina") and Safari 13, and the extensions that were hosted there are no longer available. This means that 1Password 6 users will no longer be able to install the 1Password extension in Safari.

    That said, we aren't aware of Safari 12 removing the 1Password extension. If that's what happened to you, it doesn't seem to be happening in all cases, since we'd expect to have seen a lot more reports if it were happening to everyone who has a 1Password extension installed from the Safari Extensions Gallery. However, regardless of how the extension was removed, it isn't possible to reinstall it in Safari 12, since the Safari Extensions Gallery is now closed.

    You can find out more about your options in this support article, but essentially, if you want to continue to use Safari and 1Password together, you'll need to upgrade to 1Password 7 for Mac. Chrome and Firefox continue to work with their respective external 1Password extensions, but our recommendation is for users to keep all aspects of their critical security infrastructure - which includes macOS and their browser(s) as well as 1Password - as current as possible. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @krusnof - thanks for jumping in to help. I want to make sure we're being clear about one point:

    ...try to reinstall 1PW6 again—it should come with Safari support built-in.

    Through the end of its development cycle, 1Password 6 for Mac did indeed support the Safari versions of its day. But Safari 12 requires the .safariextz style of extension (which 1Password 6 for Mac and previous versions use) to be downloaded and installed from the Safari Extensions Gallery...which is now closed. That means it's no longer possible to install the type of extension used by 1Password 6 for Mac; re-installing 1Password 6 for Mac won't solve the issue because the Safari extension cannot be downloaded.

    Safari 12 and the upcoming Safari 13 use the newer Safari App Extension format, which provides numerous advantages and improvements, and 1Password 7 for Mac was built from the beginning to use the new format. As this blog post outlines, anyone planning to upgrade to macOS 10.15 ("Catalina") -- which will ship with Safari 13 -- will need to be using 1Password 7 for Mac to take advantage of all the goodies.

  • Well that sucks. It’s weird that Agilebits give no incentive to stay as a customer. Not even an update option for Faithfull (AppStore) customers. Now 1p7 is just one of many options for me. Is it worth the full price? I guess I’ll just have to compare with competitors.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @johank

    Licenses for 1Password 7 are currently on sale when the app is downloaded through our website. Licenses are normally $65 USD + tax but as of writing are available for a limited time for $50 USD + tax. A membership may be more advantageous, both from a financial perspective and a utility perspective. If you'd like to discuss your options for upgrading to a membership I'd recommend reaching out to our team at [email protected].



  • How can that be more advantageous? I’ll just pay the full price every 17:th month over and over again. I see why you would prefer that. $50 again then, plus new iOS apps I guess. What’s the tax then. Total price?

  • brentybrenty

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    @johank: We have no idea. Literally. Tax depends on your billing address, and we don't know where you live or any of that. Only you would know tax rates for your area.

    When you sign up for the trial and setup payment, the website will show you all of that on the invoice, which will not be charged until after the trial:


    As far as advantageous, that depends entirely on a subjective assessment of your own personal situation. What Ben is saying is that most people find it more convenient and affordable to get all of the apps and updates without having to figure out purchasing multiple versions, doing so across multiple platforms. And automatic offsite backup for our important data in 1Password is beneficial to anyone, even if only a single platform is used, since otherwise you'd need to backup your own data, and it would be lost if your device(s) were lost, stolen, or destroyed. With a membership, you'd just need to sign into your account to get it back. But ultimately it's up to you.

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