Won't stay logged in; no pass through between plugin and desktop app

So many things inferior in 1p7 from predecessor but since this is the immediate deal killer i'll start here: I am constantly being asked to sign in to 1p7. There are two issues, and that's the first, the only password prompt I have selected is "lock on sleep." I used to have "lock on idle" checked with 90 minutes as the parameter, but have unchecked that. I am absolutely certain that the Mac has not slept, nor been idle for 90 minutes -- yet I am asked to log in repeatedly.

Second problem with login, is there does not seem to be a pass through between the browser extension and the full desktop app. IE, I'm logging into a website and have to log in to the browser extenstion. 5 minutes later with no sleep or idle, I have the need to log in to the full app -- and have to log in again separately. I really hope I'm missing a setting here, because this just seems straight up unacceptable.

(As a general aside, 1P7 routinely misses fields in forms that i never had a problem with in 6 and below: never. Zip code? Forget it; 50% at best. Really dissatisfied with 1P7 overall, and I see others are as well. But if I can't get the "password" issue resolved, I'll definitely be moving on; I'd be better off with notepad at this point; for real. PS: I'm a longstanding, power user, early adopter, etc. who desperately regrets decision against instinct to move off of 1P6 with wifi network sync {no net exposure}.)

Please tell me how to not have to sign in repeatedly and how when I sign in to the extension to have that pass through to the app. If I can fix that, I'll move on to the other stuff.

1Password Version: 7.4.1
Extension Version: X1.17.0
OS Version: Mac OS 10.15.2
Sync Type: 1P7 Web


  • If you're on a Mac, you can use 1Password X beta and 1Password direct download beta (rather than the App Store download) to get desktop integration.

    1Password X exists as a completely independent installation of 1Password, and doesn't need a desktop app to be installed at all for it to function.

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    Thanks for the assist @plttn

    As plttn mentioned, using the Mac beta and the 1Password X beta, really makes like more natural, in my opinion. You may wish to give it a look. More details on the beta can be found here. https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/101231/introducing-desktop-app-integration-for-mac/p1

    • To reaffirm, you must use the beta of both products for the desktop integration to work correctly.

    If the betas are not your cup of tea, then I would suggest tweaking your settings for 1Password X. https://support.1password.com/getting-started-1password-x/#manage-your-settings

  • Thanks for the responses I do appreciate it. Disheartening that I would need to run not 1 but 2 different betas to get the same functionality I had before I upgraded to the new platform, which really is core functionality imho. I mean, the whole concept behind the product is to decrease the burden of passwords. Seems like a glaring oversight. I've been a 1P user since 2012 and its a bummer, but 1P has lost its way.

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    If you prefer the old app behavior, you can use the regular extension instead, the one you are used to. It sounds like 1Password X (our newest extension) might not be the best choice for you, based on your preferences.

  • I have the same issue. It used to work, now it doesn't. Signing in to the app doesn't sign in to browser extensions, and vice versa. Very annoying.

    I'm willing to uninstall the extension and re-install an older version if that will solve the problem. But it's not clear to me from that link what to download, or what is meant by the "regular extension" - @prltm3 can you clarify? Also does it work with 1Password 7 Mac application using the subscription account, and does it work with Safari browser?


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    I have the same issue. It used to work, now it doesn't. Signing in to the app doesn't sign in to browser extensions, and vice versa. Very annoying.

    It sounds like you installed 1Password X in your browser. 1Password X does not communicate with the desktop application, it is an independent extension that you can use without having to install anything else separately.

    If you would like your extension to follow the lock settings of the main app, you should use the companion browser extension instead, or upgrade to 1Password X beta and 1Password for Mac beta so you can use the new desktop app integration feature (if you prefer to continue using 1Password X).

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    I don't really understand any of this - it used to be simple, now everything is confusing. But I will download the new beta I guess. Thanks

    Edit: I am using the Mac App Store version so this isn't the best option

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    The summary is that you have the choice to use two extensions: the traditional one, and the new 1Password X. The traditional one behaves as you wish, but the new one is an independent extension that does not communicate with the desktop app. Unless you install 1Password X beta and 1Password for Mac beta, where we added communication between the extension and the app even in our latest 1Password X extension.

    If there is anything specific you would like us to clarify though, please let us know and we will be happy to do that!

  • Thank you, I've re-installed the companion browser extension now.

    This is very odd by the way:

    "Desktop App Integration is a major new feature which we’ll eventually be rolling out to all customers, but we wanted our beta friends to be the first to try it out."

    ( https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/101231/introducing-desktop-app-integration-for-mac/p1 )

    It had always worked this way in the past, until this new version broke it. Similarly, it used to always ask if you wanted to save your password, now it doesn't. (But that's a topic for another thread...)

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    It had always worked this way in the past, until this new version broke it

    It isn't a new version so much as it is a different product. :)


  • From a customer's point of view... How is it a "different product"?

  • From a customer's point of view... How is it a "different product"?

    They're two different extensions to do two separate things. X exists because there's some platforms where the desktop app isn't available at all, making the companion extension useless. X also only works with 1Password.com accounts and has inline filling.

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    Thanks so much for chiming in, @plttn!

    @platypusman – The above comment is exactly right. We offer two different extensions, 1Password X and the desktop-dependent 1Password extension. They are made for different use cases, but there is definitely some overlap as well. It's based on personal preference, though, and it sounds like you prefer the desktop-dependent 1Password extension. You're welcome to stick with that one. :)

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