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I have been using iPassword for over a year and want to change to 1password. Is there anyway to import ipassword data into 1password???? I have hundreds of passwords so manual doesn't flip my bippy


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    Hi @phylrick,

    Thanks for reaching out to us for help! I notice you asked a similar question back in June on our iOS forum:

    Unfortunately, the answer is still the same as the one Brenty gave you a couple months ago:

    I did some searching but wasn't able to figure out if "ipassword" allows data export. If you can export the data, it may be possible to use @MrC 's converter on a computer and then import the data into 1Password. If, however, "ipassword" does not allow you to export the data, you'll need to enter it manually into 1Password.

    Basically, two things need to happen: "ipassword" needs to be able to export your data into a file that is readable by other apps, and 1Password needs to be able to import the data from that file. Are you able to export your data from "ipassword"? If so, and if you can export it to a CSV file, there's a good chance 1Password will be able to import it from that CSV file. We have more information here: How to move your data from other applications to 1Password

    Please let us know about the export options you (hopefully) have in "ipassword", and we should be able to continue from there. Thanks! :)

  • Hi I am having the same problem. ipassword manager by tap tim allows to create a backup file saved to dropbox, but I do not see a way to import or convert this to 1password.

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    The app by "Tap Tim" is named Password Manager (not ipassword, another app).

    Does it export the database in clear text (i.e. not encrypted)? Can you open its exported file and read the contents with a simple text editor?

  • unfortunately it seems to be encrypted, when I open it in word or notepad it just comes up as a bunch of symbols

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    You would have to ask the developer to add Export as Plaintext functionality (such as CSV or XML). Many password manager developers do not want to do this, because it allows you to leave their product (it's extra work for them, only for you to be able to jump ship).

  • that's what I was afraid of, thanks for your quick response!

  • BTW does 1password allow export to csv?

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    The desktop versions support exporting to CSV (limited*, not the best choice), and full export to the plaintext structured 1PIF format. You can get all of your data out via 1PIF with full fidelity. There are converters and other password managers that can read this format. You can sync your data from a handheld device to the desktop versions to get the data out.

    * CSV export is limited, due to the limitations of CSV itself - it isn't good for complex data, since it presumes a fixed number of statically defined columns.

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    @leoh: Indeed, and 1PIF is plaintext based on JSON, so it's relatively human readable in addition to being flexible for converting to other formats. Cheers! :)

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