What is the best workflow when logging in to a guest Win machine? Use iPhone to look up pwd?

I'm new to 1Pass - trying to understand workflow. What is best workflow when using machines as a guest without 1Password installed? Use my iPhone to look up each password? Is there a 1Password website that would allow me to login and access passwords if I don't have iPhone with me?
Thank you - Julian

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  • Welcome to 1Password Julian!

    If you have a 1Password Account then you can easily log into your account at https://my.1password.com/signin. Otherwise your mobile device will probably be your best option.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @jmgoldman: While @JeremyRhoades is correct, I'd honestly recommend using your mobile devices regardless in most situations. As a rule, you want to avoid signing into anything on a device you don't control and trust. After all, you don't know what has been installed on that device, or how well secured it is. Library computers are my constant example – they're used by TONS of people of varying levels of security awareness and you just never know what someone has managed to install on them (whether on purpose or on accident). Of course, we sometimes need to sign in to our accounts on unfamiliar devices and there's just no avoiding so, when necessary, use your mobile device to reveal your password to at least avoid signing into your 1Password account on those devices.

    Of course, security is personal and you know better than I do whether you trust a given device. If you feel a device is trustworthy, then signing into 1Password.com is an option. I'm just the paranoid type that prefers to avoid it. :+1:

  • Thank you. You touched in a related issue. 1Passwd requires that I type my master password in to my Mac fairly often. I’d like an alias password that I can use instead in case of prying she’s or a keystroke logger. Is that an option?

  • Thanks for clarifying that for me @bundtkate. An excellent point. I use my.1password.com generally on new machines that I may be configuring at the office...which I've had control of since unboxing and only after I've installed endpoint protection.

    Concerning your followup question, @jmgoldman...unfortunately an alias password is not an option at this time.

  • Sorry for the double-posting above. Can someone w/ admin privileges delete the duplicate? thank you - Julian

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    I got that dupe for you, @jmpgoldman! :+1: As for an alias password, @JeremyRhoades is correct, that's not currently an option. What is an option is TouchID or Windows Hello unlocking, if you have a device that supports it.

    As a general rule, though, a bit of caution is your best bet for protecting your data – both from prying eyes and keyloggers. If your device is compromised, nothing can guarantee your data's safety – whether 1Password or otherwise. But, if you follow good security practices by not downloading unexpected files or installing untrusted software and you make sure you make use of your devices built-in malware protection, that is your best defense from keyloggers. Most malware isn't installed by someone covertly accessing your system – it's installed by you. Be alert, look out for phishing attempts, don't click on anything that looks fishy (or phishy) and you'll already be doing more to protect yourself than an alias password ever would. As for prying eyes, what I actually do is sit with my back to a wall if I need to work in public. I know, it sounds very much like I'm one of those paranoid secret agents from the movies, but it means no one will look over my shoulder. And don't forget, if someone does manage to snag your Master Password, your Secret Key still has your back. :chuffed:

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