1P Not Filling Data / Not Responding to Hotkey

After updating to 1P7 from 1P6, my experience has been horrendous.

1P no longer reliably responds to cmd+\ hotkey, and no longer fills website data at all. I've reinstalled everything multiple times, restarted many times, open Chrome, close Chrome, open 1P, close 1P. Nothing works, and literally nothing works.

Everything was broken in 1P7-stable -- I updated to beta builds just in case this was a know issue that was fixed.

1Password Version: 7.3.3.BETA-0
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.14.3
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Update: I downgraded 1P7 back to 1P6.8.9 and everything is working correctly again.

    This does not explain the issues with 1P7, but at least I'm able to retain my sanity for the time being.

  • Are you running any beta of Apple's macOS? Also, when you reinstalled, how did you uninstall in the first place? Lastly, did you check with other browsers? Firefox, Safari?

  • @krusnof I am not running a MacOS Beta. - OS X 10.14.3

    Neither safari or firefox worked either.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @Judson!

    You haven't mentioned this yet, so let's make sure we are not missing anything: have you actually purchased a license for 1Password and applied it to your 1Password app?

    I ask because the behavior you are describing seems quite consistent with an unlicensed 1Password app.

  • Hi @ag_ana,

    I have never purchased 1P7, and to be honest, I didn't know it was even a thing until I started seeing all of the '1Password 7 is here!' spam in my 1P6 mini context menu. I was slightly annoyed that there was no way to hide it, but figured a point release would clear up what must have been a bug.

    About a week later, the auto-updater prompted me to update to 1P7, and my 1P6 vault was migrated to ovault or whatever. I can't keep track of paid vs free upgrades, but I've been purchasing 1P since 1P2. Paying as needed to update.

    So two bugs in play here, if the behavior I experienced was because my 1P7 was unlicensed:

    1) Why was I prompted to auto-update to a new 1P version I had no license for?
    2) Subsequently, why were there no notifications or messaging that the 1P version I had was unlicensed?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Judson - you were prompted to upgrade (not update) to 1Password 7 for Mac because version 6 has now been in legacy mode since May of last year and is starting to be less compatible with newer versions of browsers and macOS that are being released. It was a one-time banner and it included information that the upgrade was a full-version, paid upgrade, not an incremental update.

    Subsequently, why were there no notifications or messaging that the 1P version I had was unlicensed?

    There was -- every one of your 1Password items in the main 1Password 7 for Mac window would have had a "Read Only" banner at the top right of it, like this:

    In addition, you should have seen repeated instances of the Purchase Options screen, letting you know details about how to authorize 1Password 7 for Mac via payment -- either with a 1password.com membership or a new standalone license for the new version, like this:

    Do either of those look familiar, or have you not seen either one? I'd agree it would be a bug if somehow you'd not seen either of these indications. Let me know!

  • @Lars to be clear, it was not a 'prompt to upgrade'. It was the standard update prompt that told me my version was out of date. "You are running 6.8.xx and the current version is 7.x.x". Had the 'show release notes' and everything.

  • JudsonJudson
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    Ok, I did not recall seeing a popup, but I booted up 1P7 to see if the accounts are marked read-only. They are not, but they are marked as 'account frozen'.

    Hrm, I thought, and I click the button to see a (now expired) trial account we had signed up for at work listed in my vaults. We had created a shared company vault and were playing around with it to see if everyone in the office would be able to play along. We haven't made a decision, so the account expired. My guess is that when I added the work trial account to my 1P6, it allowed the auto-update prompt to 1P7, which quit working when the trial expired.

    I didn't really put it together since I had already had lots of issues with 1P7 not connecting to Chrome because I had installed it with homebrew and it wasn't in /Applications, so I had assumed it was something in my possibly-less-than-common setup causing the issue.

    I rarely look at the main 1P window, and the 1P7 mini app does not show the 'account frozen' message present in the main window. Which, having a local and remote vault, "Account Frozen" does not immediately mean to me "1P will no longer fill your passwords". I would have probably gotten there if I had needed to create a new login or something (because I see now that option is not present), but at least during the time I was having 1P7 'issues', I didn't need to create any new logins.

    I'll just keep 1P6 running until I upgrade to a MacOS that breaks it, but hopefully this sheds some light on what was, for me, a confusing and frustrating situation.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Judson - the only people who would've gotten a standard update prompt to install 1Password 7 for Mac (when they had 1Password 6 for Mac installed) would be people who were signed into version 6 with at least one 1password.com account, since all of our 1Password apps (Mac, Windows iOS and Android) are included with the subscription. Anyone else who was using only standalone vaults would've gotten the upgrade banner. Did you have a 1Password account signed in, within 1Password 6 for Mac? And about when did you make this upgrade?

  • JudsonJudson
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    @Lars I replied right before you with the same conclusion. It's unexpected behavior based on my mental model, but I'm also certain my (local-only) mental model is less representative of the 1P population than it once was.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Judson - ha! I literally saw the notification message from you while I was posting my own response above. Looks like you figured it out at exactly the same time as I was sending my reply. :)

    I rarely look at the main 1P window, and the 1P7 mini app does not show the 'account frozen' message present in the main window.

    It does, if you search in that account's vaults in the mini (switch the "Search All Vaults" - or in your above example, "Search Primary" to "Search name of account").

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback regarding your experience. You're of course welcome to continue using whatever versions you have licenses for, as long as you have versions of macOS and browsers on which you can run them. I will caution you that if you're a Safari user, that time is already upon you -- see this post from the Legacy 1Password 3-6 section for more details, and let us know if you have any questions. Cheers!

  • @Lars I posted a screenshot from 1P7 mini window w/o any notice that the account is frozen -- so while I may have been 'holding it wrong', so to speak, I had hidden the expired account from my 1P vaults because I knew it had expired -- but not knowing anything about 1P7, other than I had been auto-updated to it, I did not realize or see it stated anywhere that the reason 1P was broken was because my trial had expired, rendering the software unlicensed.

    Anyway, thanks for accepting my feedback.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Judson - you're quite welcome, and I'm sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. It's not that you're "holding it wrong," but what you're describing is a considerably unusual edge case. We've not experienced reports of this (at least, none that I'm aware of), probably because most users do not keep a single frozen account signed in but hidden in an otherwise-standalone setup. Most users either a) decide to pay for the account, b) let it stay frozen and remove it from all apps or even delete it from 1password.com because they don't want it, or c) move the data out of the account and into another active account or a standalone vault. That said, I'll definitely run your experience past our development team to see if there's any enhancements we might make to avoid this in the future. Thanks for taking the time to share it. :)

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